Here are a few testimonials from our past clients and students…

Thanks again for all the patience and instruction you have a gift of calmness & confidence that transfers to your students. best instruction I’ve ever received.. Hang Gliding or Paragliding.. I’ll definitely spread the word Thanks Again your Buddy Dan (Dan from Salt Lake City)

Brad is one of the safest and best instructors I have seen. When Brad is on the radio, I have no fear or anxiety. I felt I could do anything up there and would be willing to try as I did in the spirals. Push it to the limit.

Brad youhave put together a strong clinic. Which includes a great instructor, conscientious boat driver, warm and friendly hosts (Gil and Kathy) and an excellent location. I hope that you can continue to provide the clinics for many years. The amount of enthusiasm from all the participants makes me think that you could do more clinics and even add just aerobatic sessions. Everybody goes away from the clinic with a special pride of paragliding. Keep up the great work.

Yo Dog!

I’m back now enjoying the rainy cold weather. Looks like the weather in Valle is making things challenging for the Superfinal….task 7 just cancelled. I hope you guys are getting the great weather that I had to leave behind. Fu** that was a great time!!!!! I’m so stoked, man…thanks again for an incredible experience. You run such a great operation. Everything about it was perfecto from my perspective. Transportation, lodging, food, organization, instruction, retrieval – all top notch from top to bottom. Everything was so well organized that it just left things open for me to have a blast and learn a ton, which I did. I feel like I’m a much better pilot now, and I’m even more psyched to fly than before. My guess is everyone else would say the same. It was really cool to be part of a group of people who were all improving so fast and having such an incredible time. I’d watch pilot after pilot land – super stoked – after they just had an even better flight than the day before!

Say hello to everyone for me…..damn I miss Columbia!!!!


Hey Brad,
Great SIV clinic at Lost Creek, if you would add me to your email list that would be great. Also I wrote poem about the clinic which is totally out of character for me but it flowed and I wrote it in about 20 minutes.

My ode to the honey Bradger
My mind races to remember the little things I forgot, too late the boat has yanked me up like I’ve been shot. My fear stands up and gives me pause, my wing flutters and flies on gravity’s cause. If I have not learned well there will be no excuse, it will be at gravity’s hand that I find my abuse. My bridle’s stowed and Brad’s in my ear, yeehaww time for another showdown with my fear. My wing responds to my commands while sweetly reminding me on the way down there will be G demands. As the horizon comes level I hear Brad say “Breathe brother you’re alive, and don’t forget you’re listening to easy 105”. Bring it in for a landing so nice you’ll feel like you’ve done it not once but twice. My feet touch down and I stare at the mud caked in my socks and realize I’ve left my fear somewhere in the play box.

Kyle Rice

“Brad made sure to get to know each pilot and his or her goals for the clinic. He was always available to explain things as many times as it took for the pilot to understand. Brad’s instructional technique, patience, understanding and knowledge are unmatched. Not only did he explain the maneuvers, he made sure we all understood what we were doing, why, and when we might put the maneuvers into practice.”

“I took instruction for my P-1/P-2 from Brad. His calm demeanor and instruction helped me to overcome my initial trepidation about flying. His ability to watch everything I did and to know EXACTLY how to correct my inputs into my glider were impeccable. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to progress under his instruction. When I took a SIV clinic with him, I was very comfortable executing the maneuvers with relative ease. I definitely feel that his commitment to safety is unparalleled! “