Tandem Paragliding Flights

Paraglide Utah LLC offers Tandem Paragliding Flights from both the north and south sides of The Point of the Mountain Fight Parks, in addition to other mountain flying sites in the area. No experience is necessary for a Tandem Flight or a 1st Day Intro Lesson. Flying can be for everybody!
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The Point of the Mountain Flight Park is know as the Worlds Most consistent flying site, with 200+ days a year of flyable conditions. Tandems here offer great views of the Wasatch Mountains as we soar, and we land back inside of the flight park.
The Local Utah Mountains can provide some excellent opportunities depending on the conditions that day. We fly from a Variety of different launches and altitudes. Come and check out Utah from above and enjoy the surreal feeling of silent free flight.

Tandem Rates

$189 Paraglider Tandem Flight

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Tandems, Fun For Everybody!

Tandem flight can be enjoyed by anyone under 260 pounds of any age with no prior experience necessary. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult.

We use a larger canopy designed to carry two people. Each person has their own harness, and the passenger and instructor fly together. The Tandem instructor sits in the back and the passenger sits in front, where the view is best! We organize all the equipment and do a simulation before our actual launch, so you can sit back and enjoy the experience.

When we’re ready we’ll run a few steps together and before you know it we’ll be airborn! The flight will last at least twenty minutes, possibly more depending on the conditions and your karma.

Since the passenger is flying in the front, in addition to a great view you are exposed to the wind. The temperature where we fly may be quite cold even though the temperature is quite warm. Be sure to come prepared by bringing multiple layers. Your instructor can brief you on the expected temperature at altitude before your flight.

The following clothing is recommended for tandem flights

* Protective footwear, no open toe shoes
* Pants, jeans are great
* Warm clothing layers and a Jacket
* Warm gloves
* Sun Glasses, sunblock
* You may bring a compact camera if you wish

We are available seven days a week if you schedule in advance. Reach us at 801.707.0508 to see if we have a last minute opening. Flying is weather dependent, so when the conditions are good we look forward to flying with you!